Taoglas’ September 2021 New Product launch

Taoglas’ September 2021 New Product launch

Sighunter – ISM / LoRa / SigFox Gooseneck Antenna

Introducing the Taoglas TS.89 Sighunter – go global, with LoRa / SigFox designed to operate at either the 868MHz or 915MHz frequency bands. Not only that, but the TS.89 exhibits fantastic efficiencies and high directional gain! It’s greater than 80% on both bands, with a 3.5dBi peak gain at 868MHz and 2.7dBi at 915MHz.

Whether you’re working on a mesh network, smart metering or a remote monitoring application – the TS.89 has you covered. It’s mechanically robust, yet flexible – the gooseneck allows for optimum positioning, so you can point it directly towards the target base station or receiver.

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5G/4G High-Band Cellular Antenna Boards

Packing a punch the MAT.176A (60*60mm) and MAT.176C (85*45mm) were expertly designed with 4 PA.176 antennas integrated onto one small antenna board.

They provide incredibly high efficiency and gain across multiple cellular bands, operating between 1.7GHz – 6GHz. Perfect for applications that require 4 high-performing MIMO antennas, such as next-generation 5G MIMO modules and routers.

Multi-Band High-Precision GNSS Stacked Patch Antenna

The GVLB258.A (25x25x8mm) is a high-performance, multi-band GNSS stacked patch antenna.

It provides excellent positional accuracy and fast positioning, with optimized gains across the GPS L1/L5, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass and IRNSS bands.

Super Compact 5G Wideband Monopole Antenna

The TG.66 is a super-compact monopole antenna designed to cover all global 5G/4G frequencies between 600MHz and 6GHz.

Its miniature size (70.3 x Ø10mm) packs an incredible punch and it performs excellently, with efficiencies above 45% across the entire 5G spectrum.

The TG.66’s rotatable 90° hinged SMA connector means it can be covertly installed on next-gen 5G gateways, routers, medical devices, or POS terminals, either straight or at an angle, helping you to get the very best in performance.

Courtesy of Taoglas

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