Holzworth Instrumentation HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter

Holzworth Instrumentation HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter

Holzworth Instrumentation HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter

As we work to respond to industry phase noise analysis requirements, including coverage of the more recently added 5G bands, Holzworth has been developing the HA7063A 50GHz Downconverter as a high performance add-on to our existing phase noise analyzers. The HA7063A works with either the HA7062C or the HA7062D Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer as a high performance, heterodyne downconverter, providing the lowest possible measurement noise floors for both absolute and residual measurements. The datasheet is online and we are currently building new demo units to support the growing list of evaluation requests.

A few product highlights:

  • 10MHz to 50GHz DUT Input Range
  • Expanded Input Power Range +20dBm to -20dBm
  • The only PNA solution offering simple residual/additive measurements at >18GHz
  • Works seamlessly with the HA7062C/D as a single instrument

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions, opportunities, etc.

New Product Teaser

Did someone say “YIG”?

Here is your new product teaser… as sectors of our industry demand the purest of signal generation, Holzworth engineering is stepping up with a new YIG based RF Synthesizer platform. The HSY Series phase noise performance targets were those of the best signal generators available from Keysight (PSG) and Rohde & Schwarz (SMA100B). Holzworth engineering has responded with some excellent results (example at 6GHz)…

Due to our modular design philosophy, the HSY Series will maintain the same 1U, multi-channel chassis as the HSX Series and will be immediately available with options covering 10MHz-3GHz, 6GHz, 12GHz, 24GHz and 40GHz. Production release is on track for June 1, 2021.

Courtesy of Holzworth

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