Holzworth May 2022 News and Updates

Holzworth May 2022 News and Updates

Holzworth May 2022 News and Updates

Quantum Solutions Guide

Holzworth has a long history of focused efforts to provide optimal channel-to-channel phase coherency with multi-channel RF signal sources. This has made for a straightforward approach to supporting the growing needs of quantum computing systems development as well as deployment of commercially available systems.

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What is the Key to Quantifying a Phase Noise Analyzer’s True Noise Floor?

The noise floor of a phase noise analyzer is an important metric that establishes the lowest measurable signal level. Any signal that falls below the instrument’s noise floor will be masked by that very noise.

An analyzer’s noise floor is determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • The phase noise analyzer’s own architecture
  • The phase noise performance of the instrument’s local oscillators (LOs)
  • System thermal noise
  • Internal component noise
  • External test environment noise

LO Characterization and Substitution

Local oscillator (LO) substitution is an essential element when testing up and downconverters in radar and communication systems.  It enables design engineers and technicians to evaluate signal chains without the performance being masked by the characteristics of the LO or to determine if the LO is the source of issues when the systems are not performing properly. Use Holzworth’s ultra low phase noise synthesizers as an LO substitute for troubleshooting or Holzworth’s phase noise analyzers to characterize the system LO.

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