Tibbo Technology Serial Tap


Introducing IO Ninja

IO Ninja is a professional, scriptable, multi-purpose terminal emulator, network sniffer and IO monitor. It’s aimed at network security experts, system administrators, and all kinds of software/hardware/embedded developers.

We are proud to introduce the hardware Ethernet Tap — a new member to the IO Ninja Tap family, together with Serial Tap and I2C/SPI Tap. These devices are simple yet functional and convenient sniffers for Ethernet, asynchronous serial links (RS232RS422RS485TTL-level UART), I2C, and SPI communications.


IO Ninja 3.12.1 is out!

Service Release

  • Fixed crash on select-word on an empty line in plain-text binary view;
  • Fixed lock-down on unplugging Ethernet Tap or I2C/SPI Tap during capture;
  • Fixed non-selectable merge-boundaries in text lines.


IO Ninja 3.12.0

Major Update

  • New Ethernet Tap hardware sniffer & plugin;
  • Details pane for the master-log-vs-details representation;
  • Deep-find — search goes through both the master log and details pane;
  • Process name detection in SerialPipe MonitorMailslot Monitor;
  • Post-capture filtering using file name, file ID, process name and PID in Pipe MonitorMailslot Monitor;
  • Added support for multiple protocols to Pcap Sniffer;
  • Post-capture filtering (a.k.a. view filter) in Pcap Sniffer;
  • Export to .pcap in Pcap Sniffer;
  • Fix for the SIGSEGV due to a write to a read-only page crash in Tibbo Device Monitor on Linux v5.3.0 and above (AMD64 & X86 architectures);
  • Fix for the bouncing app icon on Mac when IO Ninja is in the background;
  • Support for empty datagrams in UDP Socket;
  • Tables in the Ninja Scroll engine — representers can now simply use tabulation (t) to create automatically formatted tables;
  • Introspection facilities in Jancy — scripts can now inspect their structure at runtime (perfect for writing protocol analyzers);
  • Lazy parsing in Jancy — the script code base got much bigger, but the plugins start-up time actually decreased!

For a full list of changes see changelog.txt (also included in all installation packages)

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