Taoglas New Product Launches

HA.21.A – 868MHz Embedded Helical Monopole Antenna


The HA.21 is an omni-directional quarter-wave monopole helical antenna operating in the unlicensed ISM bands at 868MHz favoured in the EU. This extremely small embedded antenna is deceptively stable and is an ideal choice for ISM/LPWA applications such as Smart Metering, Smart Security Systems and Remote Asset Monitoring.

Best results can be seen when used on a 126.8*80.1mm ground plane, delivering efficiency of up to 70%. Its helical coil structure of copper alloy means that it is a mechanically sturdy antenna which can be soldered to a device surface. For testing purposes we offer two models of evaluation boards (HAD.A.21 and HAD.B.21) to highlight performance when the antenna is mounted parallel or orthogonally to the ground plane. Click here to download product data sheet


HA.31.A – 915MHz Embedded Helical Monopole Antenna


Operating in the unlicensed ISM 915MHz band, seeing increasing popularity in the US, the HA.31 is a quarter-wave monopole helical antenna with a mechanically robust small form factor. The antenna has a peak gain of 2dBi with efficiency of up to 68% at 915MHz when mounted on a 126.8*80.1 ground plane with matching components.

The helical coil has a wide bandwidth and is ideally suited for LPWA, smart metering, remote asset monitoring and smart security system applications. For testing purposes we offer two models of evaluation boards (HAD.A.21 and HAD.B.21) to highlight performance when the antenna is parallel or orthogonally mounted to the ground plane. Click here to download product data sheet


SGGP.25.2.A.02 – Embedded SMD Ceramic Patch Antenna


In applications needing high performance in a low profile form factor, the SGGP.25.2.A.02 is an ideal solution. This embedded SMD ceramic GPS and GLONASS passive patch antenna has been tuned to mount centrally on 50*50cm ground plane and delivers fantastic efficiency of up to 70% and gain of up to 3.34dBi.

Due to its low profile form factor (2mm thickness) this patch is suited to many applications including navigation, UAV, infotainment, vehicle tracking and telematics devices. The antenna is manufactured and tested in a TS16949 first tier automotive approved facility making it a clear choice for the automotive market. Click here to download product data sheet


TLS.30.105111 Shockwave 433MHz 


The TLS.30.105111 “Shockwave” is a mechanically robust, permanent mount, waterproof, external antenna operating at the 433MHz ISM band and has been designed for use with a 30*30cm ground plane. This robust external antenna can be securely locked into position due to the unique indent tab on its base and the nut beneath its metal panel. The waterproof O-rings around the base prevent water seeping under the antenna.

Typical applications include indoor or outdoor asset monitoring, security systems, remote control systems and due to its consistent gain in the horizontal plane, it is especially suitable for mesh networks or hotspots. The antenna is ideal for harsh weather environments and is IP67 waterproof and IP69K resistant. Click here to download product data sheet


TLS.20.105111 Shockwave 450-470MHz 


Another addition to the “Shockwave” family, the TLS.20 follows the same mechanically robust design and IP67 and IP69K waterproofing features as its counterparts. Designed for use in the USA this antenna operates on CDMA channel 450-470MHz and comes with 1 meter of low loss CFD-200 and SMA(M) connector. This outdoor antenna was designed for use on a ground-plane (30*30cm) and used in such applications as public safety, smart meters, mesh networks and transportation.

The TLS.20.105111 has over 45% efficiency and -0.71dBi peak gain at CDMA and provides stable radiation patterns over low angles, meaning consistent gain on the horizontal plane, so it is an obvious choice for mesh networks. Click here to download product data sheet

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