Teledyne Relays – Silicon Carbide MOSFET Solid State Relays

Teledyne Relays – March, 2016. Cumbernauld, Scotland

Teledyne Relays are delighted to announce our latest Hermetically Sealed Solid State Relay; the LD00KM, which incorporates the latest technology; Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power MOSFET’s. This switch is able to operate with loads up to 270Vdc, 10A. The SiC in the MOSFET means that this device will not heat up anywhere near as close to traditional Silicon MOSFETs; especially when driven near full load! This is the product of a low On-resistance, 0.042Ω for this device (At Ambient Temperatures). This means smaller heatsinking and reduced cooling requirements.

This relay also boasts optical isolation between control and load circuits to ensure that the high voltage load does not interfere with the low voltage control system, and vice versa. This is also a great protection system. This device also features fully floating power FET technology meaning that the load can be connected to either of the output terminals.

Some of the other benefits of SiC SSR’s are the reduced noise characteristics compared to traditional Si MOSFET’s and also give the device a benefit over IGBT. Another is that the SiC MOSFET show lower gate voltage swing and gate charge than comparable Silicon equivalents.

Teledyne also have a view to create a higher current handling version of this relay, the LD00KQ which will boast load handling characteristics at 270VDC @ 20A.

These devices are critical where a low ON temperature is desired and have a variety of possible applications:

-Primary & Secondary Power Systems in Commercial/Civil/Military Aircraft
-Shipboard Power Systems
-High Voltage DC/DC Converters
-Pulsed Power Applications
-High Inductance Loads

– High Voltage
– TTL and CMOS compatible control
– Fast switching speed
– Low profile hermetic package
– Meets 270 Vdc system requirements of MIL-STD-704
– Built and tested to the requirements of MIL-PRF-28750

The datasheets for both of these relays, as well as the datasheets for all of our Electro-Mechanical Relays, can be found here at
Teledyne Relays, a Business Unit of Teledyne Reynolds Inc., has been the world’s innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, electromechanical and solid-state switching products for over 50 years. The company’s comprehensive product line meets a wide range of requirements for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace uses.

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