Teledyne Relays – All Current New Products

Teledyne Relays, over the past year, have expanded our product lines to meet current and future market requirements. Our excellence in engineering ground breaking technology has been extensive for more than 60 years and we have continued this feat with our latest range of products.

We have released two new families into our EMR product lines; the RF121/GRF121 & RF700/RF703.

The 121 series boast excellent frequency handling capabilities; up to 16GHz, making it ideal for all X-Band systems, HF Spread Radios, ATE and many other applications. Reliable switching is ensured by precious gold-plated metal alloy contacts.

Our RF700/RF703 was designed with High Repeatability, due to the uniframe motor design, and Broader Bandwidth (Than its little brother, RF300). These DC-4GHz EMR’s are ideal for applications such as RF Attenuation, RF Switch Matrices, ATE and many others. Options for coil suppression diodes are available for applications where the control circuits could be liable to back EMF damage.

We have release a new family to our coaxial switching lines; our CCR-48K/CR-48K. This SPmT (m=3-6) switch has frequency handling of DC-40GHz and boasts excellent RF Characteristics. It comes as standard with 2.92mm K-Connectors to enable excellent performance in the higher frequencies of its bandwidth. Suitable for operation with TTL Drivers and D-Sub Connectors, options available. Also, the option for coil suppression diodes and moisture seals are available.

Ideal for applications such as Electronic Warfare, ATE Systems and Satellite Communications

Military Solid State Relay
This year we have released our LD00KM & LD00KQ, 270VDC @ 10A & 20A, respectively, Silicon Carbide Solid State Relays onto the market. The SiC technology means a reduction in leakage current across the MOSFET and reduces the overall heat dissipation of the switch. Ideal for applications heat could be considered an issue. These switches have been designed with applications such as primary/secondary power systems in aviation and marine systems as well as DC-DC buck/boost converters where reliability and high performance are critical.


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