Nordic-powered building management and industrial automation IoT platform enables end-to-end wireless monitoring and control

Free2move’s ‘2Connect’ employs Nordic’s multiprotocol nRF52832 SoC to enable dual Bluetooth Smart and proprietary ‘FRAP’ connectivity for wireless sensing, analysis, and actuation

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Stockholm, Sweden-based industrial Internet of Things (IoT) system provider Free2move has selected Nordic’s recently launched nRF52832 Bluetooth®Smart System-on-Chip (SoC) for its new 2Connect™ building management and industrial automation IoT platform.

2Connect incorporates Cloud services for automating and connecting ‘things’ with building and industrial automation applications and services. The technology is a complete IoT architecture comprising four generic layers: sensors and actuators, wireless gateways and middleware, analytics, and presentation. These are configured with an easy to use drag and drop editor.

The fundamental part of 2Connect is the Celebes scalable wireless gateway which employs the nRF52832 SoC for either or both Bluetooth Smart- and the company’s own legacy Free2move Radio Air Protocol (FRAP)-wireless connectivity to a range of Free2move and third party IoT devices, sensors, beacons and actuators.

2Connect monitors humidity, temperature, air quality, air and water flow, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), vibration, movement, light, pressure, energy consumption, as well as traces of fungus, using a layered analytics and decision architecture. The platform assumes full responsibility for the capture of IoT data, analyzing real time information and taking corresponding remedial actions with automatic, wirelessly-triggered motor-, switch-, lock-, alarm-, and valve-actuation, and visualization.

“2Connect provides our customers with the opportunity to rapidly deploy technology for monitoring buildings without being impeded by ‘legacy’ systems,” says Anders Due-Boje, Free2move Chief Executive Officer. “The best-in-class performance of the Nordic nRF52 Series combined with its ability to support Bluetooth v4.2 and our proprietary FRAP software at the same time made it the obvious choice for Free2move’s 2Connect system platform. And by specifying the nRF52832, we can offer our customers a significant cost advantage.”

“The IoT is undergoing rapid development and while standard technologies like Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity are likely to form the foundation of the network in the future, early IoT adopters need a capability to support proprietary legacy technologies in the short term,” says Geir Langeland, Director of Marketing & Sales with Nordic Semiconductor. “2Connect cleverly takes advantage of the nRF52832 SoC’s multiprotocol support to offer users both Bluetooth Smart and legacy FRAP stacks, thus ‘future proofing’ customer installations.”

The nRF52 Series is Nordic Semiconductor’s sixth generation of ultra low power (ULP) wireless connectivity solutions. The nRF52832 features a 64MHz, 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F CPU which delivers up to 60 percent more generic processing power, offering 10 times the Floating Point performance and twice the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) performance compared to competing solutions. The 2.4GHz multiprotocol radio offers Bluetooth Smart (fully compatible with Bluetooth Version 4.2 (v4.2)), ANT™ and proprietary 2.4GHz support with -96 dB RX sensitivity and 5.5 mA peak RX/TX currents. The nRF52832 also features 512 kB Flash memory and 64 kB RAM, a fully-automatic power management system that reduces power consumption by up to 80 percent compared with the nRF51 Series, on-chip analog and digital peripherals for glueless interfacing to external components, and an NFC™ tag for consumer-friendly Touch-to-Pair.

The 2Connect platform is currently available for customer demonstrations and proof of concept today, and will be available for installation in June 2016.

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