TRAK has been contracted by an EU customer to supply S-Band space qualified high power isolators for the SSPAs that will be used aboard JCSAT17.

The isolator has been designed to incorporate a TRAK’s solid TNC long barrelled connector and a custom I/P input interface and will be flight screened and supplied in the Autumn of 2016 for JCSAT17.

JCSAT17 is an S band satellite that is being designed to operate well in excess of 15 years. The satellite will include a flexible processor that will allow its operator, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (SJC) to redirect, if required, capacity to concentrate on other high-volume events or disaster relief efforts.

JCSAT17 is the eighth satellite SJC has awarded to Lockheed Martin, beginning with NSAT-110, JCSAT-9 through JCSAT-13 and most recently JCSAT-110R. The satellite will be manufactured in Denver, Colorado and delivered in 2019.

TRAK operates a comprehensive high power test facility comprising a suite of thermal vacuum chambers which, when combined with SSPA and TWTA RF sources enables TRAK to undertake high power TVAC testing at a minimum of 150W CW from 1000 to 18000 MHz and 400W CW from 8.0 to 18.0 GHz.

Over the past 2 decades TRAK has supplied over 3000 flight qualified high power coaxial isolators and circulators operating in UHF, L, S & C-Bands into programs including.

  • Inmarsat IV
  • Glonass
  • Galileo IOV
  • Galileo FOC
  • Gagan
  • Globalstar 2
  • Alphasat iXL
  • Siasge

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