Learn from Qorvo’s Carrier Aggregation Experts

Enabling Carrier Aggregation

Qorvo is at the forefront of CA technology to enable video and data streaming.

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Qorvo has written two new resources – Carrier Aggregation Fundamentals For Dummies® and Enabling Carrier Aggregation For Dummies® – to help you learn more about CA technology and the challenges associated with enabling it.

Download your free copy of our two new e-books below.

You’ll Learn:

Carrier Aggregation Fundamentals For Dummies:

  • What carrier aggregation is and why it is needed
  • Carrier aggregation deployment strategies
  • Carrier aggregation dynamics and challenges
Enabling Carrier Aggregation For Dummies:

  • The impact of carrier aggregation on the RF front-end
  • Addressing market and application challenges
  • The future roadmap of carrier aggregation technology
Volume 1 – Carrier Aggregation Fundamentals For Dummies® – is yours to download immediately. To get your free instant download of Volume 2, Enabling Carrier Aggregation For Dummies®, please fill in the form below.

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