Qorvo’s QPB7400

Key Features

  • Gain, return loss and bias externally adjustable
  • On-chip active bias for consistent current and repeatable performance over temperature
  • 50 – 1218 MHz bandwidth
  • Low-noise: typical NF 3.5dB to 1218 MHz
  • +5V biasing
  • Idd = 105mA typical at Vdd +5V in application circuit
  • 10.5dB typical gain in application circuit
  • +41dBm typical OIP3
  • +60dBm typical OIP2
  • CCN 65dB, CSO -70dBc, CTB -77dBc @ 33dBmV/ch at output, 80 NTSC + 108 QAM
  • SOT89 package

Qorvo’s QPB7400 is a low cost RF amplifier designed for applications from 50 to 1218 MHz. The balance of low noise and distortion provides an ideal solution for a wide range of broadband amplifiers used in cable television applications such as optical receivers and low noise front ends. The QPB7400 has features allowing a great deal of design-in flexibility. Gain and return loss are adjustable with an external feedback resistor. An internal bias circuit mitigates the effect of temperature and process variation and an external resistor may be used to adjust the bias current to optimize distortion or noise performance. The QPB7400 is fabricated using 6-inch GaAs pHEMT technology to optimize performance and cost. It provides excellent gain and return loss consistency inherent to the pHEMT process.

Typical Applications

    • Single-ended and Push-pull Optical Receivers
    • Low-noise Drop Amplifiers
    • Distribution Amplifiers
    • Multi-Dwelling Units
    • Single-ended Gain Block
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