Don’t Redesign. Reconfigure with RF Flex.

Courtesy of Qorvo

The Qorvo® RF Flex™ family of products delivers these benefits for 4G LTE mobile devices, to provide regional phone designers with flexible RF front-end architectures targeted for rapidly changing markets.

Leveraging Qorvo’s industry-leading product and technology portfolio and deep systems-level expertise, RF Flex integrates core cellular transmit and receive functionality into high-performance modules to deliver best-in-class performance in a small solution size.


Learn how RF Flex™ provides regional scalability as market conditions evolve. Watch Video

Regionally Scalable


The RF Flex portfolio offers adaptability to design handsets for regional cellular markets, accelerating customers’ time to market.

Broad Portfolio


RF Flex is a scalable platform with industry-leading performance in a small solution size.

Advanced Technology


RF Flex leverages Qorvo’s advanced PA, switch and filter technologies for optimized integration.

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