Announcing the latest additions to RFMW’s portfolio of innovative products from Qorvo

Courtesy of Qorvo

Announcing the latest additions to RFMW’s portfolio of innovative products from Qorvo, one of our major channel partners. These high-performance solutions simplify RF for designers worldwide and are available for purchase on the RFMW website.

0.6-6GHz Ultra-Low Noise, Flat Gain LNA: QPL9503

QPL9503 Features
·     Wide operational bandwidth

·     NF: 0.95dB at 5.5 GHz

·     Bias adjustable for linearity optimization

·     Shutdown mode pin with 1.8V TTL Logic

·     2x2mm package

·     Ideal for base stations, L/S/C-band radios

·     ECCN: 5A991.g

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17-20GHz 10W GaN Power Amplifiers: TGA4548 & TGA4548-SM

TGA4548 & TGA4548-SM Features
·     Psat: 40dBm

·     PAE: 30%

·     LS gain: 22dB

·     SS gain: >25dB

·     2.95×2.8mm die

·     5×5.5×1.7mm package

·     Ideal for point-to-point, broadcast & satcom

·     ECCN: 3A001.b.2.c

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Wi-Fi 1024QAM 5GHz Front End Modules: QPF4519

QPF4519 Features
·     Pout = +20dBm MCS11 VHT80 -40dB EVM

·     Pout = +22dBm MCS9 VHT160 -35dB EVM

·     Pout = +23dBm MCS9 VHT80 -35dB EVM

·     Power consumption: <1.4W

·     Rx NF: 2 dB

·     5x3mm package

·     Ideal for wireless routers & gateways

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700-2700MHz DPDT Transfer Switch: QPC6222

QPC6222 Features
·     Isolation: 25dB

·     IL:0.63dB

·     IIP3: >72dBm

·     Power handling: Up to 35dBm

·     2x2mm QFN package

·     Ideal for LTE infrastructure & automotive infotainment

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Cascadable SiGe Gain Block Amplifiers: QPA2363C, QPA4263C, QPA4363C, QPA4563C

Family Features
·     Single supply operation

·     Darlington pair configuration

·     Active or external bias

·     Ideal for LTE infrastructure & defense/aerospace

QPA2363C Features
·     Single Fixed 3V Supply

·     No Dropping Resistor Required

·     Patented Self-Bias Circuitry

·     P1dB=+11.0dBm at 1950MHz

·     OIP3=+22.6dBm at 1950MHz

·     Robust 1000V ESD, Class 1C HBM

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QPA4263C Features
·     50 to 4000 MHz Operation

·     Single fixed 3V Supply

·     Patented Self-Bias Circuitry

·     14 dB Gain at 1950 MHz

·     27.7 dBm OIP3 at 1950 MHz

·     Cascadable 50 Ω

·     Low Thermal Resistance Package

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QPA4563C Features
·     Single fixed 3V supply

·     No Dropping Resistor required

·     Patented Self-Bias Circuitry

·     P1dB = +15.2dBm at 1950MHz

·     OIP3 = +27.8dBm at 1950 MHz

·     Robust 2000V ESD, Class 2 HBM

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