LARA-R3 LTE Cat 1 with module & chipset from u-blox

Courtesy of u-blox : LARA-R3 LTE Cat 1 with module & chipset from u-blox

Meet LARA-R3, a revolutionary LTE modem where both the module and the chipset are from u-blox. LARA-R3 gives you perfect integration. And it is specifically designed for tough machine-to-machine applications! LARA-R3 is focused on machine type communication with built-in features like power saving mode, signaling optimization and congestion control. After a power outage, many devices start transmitting data simultaneously. The LARA-R3 signaling optimizations reduce the information flow and its congestion control eliminates overcrowding the network.

LARA-R3’s 10 Mbps data capacity enables dual HD video streaming. It’s energy efficient, robust and secure for M2M/IoT. LARA-R3 combines industry-leading u-blox 8 GNSS technology along with u-blox CellLocate, to give you accurate and reliable positioning data outdoors as well as indoors. Innovative LTE communication and positioning technology offers the perfect combination for asset tracking and vehicle tracking, as well as industrial automation, monitoring and control. LARA-R3 offers superior safety and operational reliability, crucial for any IoT application. It provides end-to-end trusted domain security, protecting against possible security threats. LARA-R3 is unique in the market. We have LTE and GNSS technology in one module from a single supplier, u-blox. This also guarantees long-term product availability and a single point of contact in support cases. LARA-R3 – designed for M2M/ IoT! u-blox @ the core. Learn more at

LTE Cat 1 module based on u-blox LTE chipset with built-in GPS receiver

Connectivity, positioning, and timing solution: all in one module

  • Supports 3GPP Rel. 12 Power Saving Mode for long battery life
  • Provides position data and timing, indoors and outdoors
  • Features end‑to‑end trusted domain security
  • Provides signal optimization and congestion control
  • Enables easy migration from other u‑blox module form factors and technologies

The LARA-R3121 LTE Cat 1 module is a pioneer, as the only module designed from the ground up for IoT applications. At its core is the UBX-R3 chipset, u-blox’s own cellular modem with silicon-integrated GPS receiver. The UBX-R3 platform provides a wide range of features for secure and robust operation, such as secure boot, transport layer security, embedded FOTA client for secure software updates over the air, jamming and spoofing 1 detection, and an integrated security agent for monitoring and detecting security threats 1.

Based on u-blox’s innovative software-defined modem engine, LARA-R3121 offers advanced 3GPP features, such as Rel. 12 Power Saving Mode for long battery life, Extended Access Barring (EAB) feature for signaling optimization/ congestion control, and QoS enhancement for mission critical applications. Thanks to the integration of a u-blox 8 GPS receiver directly in the UBX-R3 chipset, LARA-R3 cost-effectively provides highly reliable and accurate positioning data both indoors and outdoors. In addition, LARA-R3121 offers practical hybrid positioning, in which GPS position is enhanced with u-blox CellLocate® location data. Uniquely, it also provides a robust and accurate timing reference, which is obtained from available GPS or LTE base stations, allowing simple and cost efficient implementation of timing solutions.

The LARA-R3121 comes in a compact LGA package with several interfaces and a fully embedded IP stack, making it easy to integrate in size-restricted designs and suitable for a wide range of medium data rate applications. LARA-R3121 modules are perfectly suited for use in industrial IoT applications, including asset/vehicle tracking, smart meter gateways, mobile digital signage, connected health applications, and low latency applications such as point-of-sale systems. Its data rate enables bi-directional video streaming, as necessary for security and video surveillance.

The LARA form factor enables straightforward migration from u-blox SARA (2G and 3G) and TOBY (LTE) modules, maximizing reuse of previous hardware investments. And USB drivers and RIL software for Linux, Android and Microsoft are available free of charge, optimizing time-to-market and product cost.

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