Taoglas NB-IoT / CAT M1 Wideband Flexible Antenna

Courtesy of Taoglas : MFX3.07 NB-IoT / CAT M1 Wideband Flexible Antenna

  • Ground Plane Independent
  • NB-IoT / Cat M1 Bands
  • 698-3000MHz Frequencies
  • 45% Efficiency on All Bands
  • 5dBi Peak Gain
  • Dims: 96 x 21 x 0.2 mm
  • Ø1.37mm Cable, IPEX MHFI (U.FL Compatible)

The patent-pending MFX3 is an NB-IoT Cat M1 wideband flexible antenna designed to provide the highest efficiency and covers all working frequencies in the 698-3000MHz spectrum, covering all Cellular, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ISM and Assisted GPS. The antenna is omnidirectional, delivered with a flexible body with excellent efficiencies on all bands, ground independent, with cable and connector for easy installation.

NB-IoT / CAT M1 is a low power wide area (LPWA) technology specifically designed for IoT and M2M. NB-IoT / CAT M1 technology offers lower maintenance cost, with greater efficiency and reliability by reducing power consumption and providing deeper penetration compared to standard cellular technologies. It operates on secure mobile networks making it suited to automotive, smart meter, medical and smart city applications.

This NB-IoT Cat M1 wideband flexible antenna, at 96 x 21 x 0.2mm, is extremely thin, and truly wideband, with high efficiencies across the bands. It is assembled by a simple “peel and stick” process, attaching securely to non-metal surfaces via a 3M adhesive. It enables designers to use only one antenna that covers NB-IoT, CAT M1 and all common LTE frequencies.

The MFX3 is made of durable flexible polymer and is designed to be mounted directly onto a plastic or glass cover. It offers a peak gain of 5dBi, an efficiency of more than 45% across the bands and is an ideal choice for any device maker that needs to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. It is ground plane independent and delivered with a cable and connector for easy connecting to the wireless module or customer PCB.

Taoglas NB-IoT / CAT M1 Wideband Flexible Antenna

Taoglas NB-IoT / CAT M1 Wideband Flexible Antenna

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