Marki Microwave MM2-0530HSM MMIC Triple Balanced Mixer

Courtesy of Marki MicrowaveMM2-0530HSM MMIC Triple Balanced Mixer

World’s First X/Ku/K Band Triple Balanced Surface Mount Mixer:

The MM2-0530HSM is a passive MMIC triple balanced mixer. It features a broadband IF port that spans from 2 to 20 GHz, and has excellent spurious suppression. GaAs MMIC technology improves upon the previous generation of hand assembled, hybrid M2 triple balanced mixers with improved isolations, unit-to-unit repeatability and reliability. The MM2-0530HSM is 4×4 mm QFN package. Evaluation boards are available.


  • Broadband IF Port
  • Typical Input 1 dB Compression of +15 dBm
  • High Input IP3 of +21 dBm
  • Excellent LO to RF Isolation
  • Unit-to-Unit Repeatability
  • RoHS Compliant
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