New Marki T3 MMICs Dominate Dynamic Range

Courtesy of Marki Microwave : New Marki T3 MMICs Dominate Dynamic Range

The Two Tone Terminator mixer has been the world’s highest dynamic range mixer across the broadest bandwidth since being introduced in 2006. Since 2013 Marki Microwave has offered small form factor chip style double balanced mixers such as the Microlithic® and MMIC lines of mixers that cover from 1 GHz to 67 GHz. Now Marki is proud to introduce the new MT3 line of small form factor, high linearity mixers. These integrated mixers offer the high linearity (IP3, P1dB, spurious suppression) and low conversion loss of the T3, but with the size and production scaling benefits of a MMIC.

The MT3H-0113HSM is a triple balanced passive diode mixer offering high dynamic range, low conversion loss, and excellent repeatability. As with all T3 mixers, this mixer offers unparalleled nonlinear performance in terms of IIP3, P1dB, and spurious performance with a flexible LO drive requirement from +16 dBm to +24 dBm. RF, LO, and IF ports are all operated single ended due to integrated baluns. The MT3H-0113HSM is available in a 4x4mm QFN, or in an SMA connectorized evaluation fixture. The MT3H-0113HSM is a superior alternative to Marki Microwave carrier and packaged T3 mixers.

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