Coilcraft XAR7030 Raised Power Inductor

Courtesy of Coilcraft : XAR7030 Raised Power Inductor

XAR7030 Series inductors mark the first time raised inductors are available as standard, off-the-shelf products. They feature terminals that elevate the inductor body 1.5 mm from the printed circuit board surface and measure just 7.1 mm square with a maximum height of 3.2 mm. This allows standard power management IC packages (e.g., QFN/VQFN) to be mounted beneath the inductor in a 3-D packaging arrangement, reducing overall board space. The XAR7030 is available with inductance values ranging from 0.16 to 10 µH and offers extremely low DCR – as low as 1.26 mOhms.

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