Marki Microwave MMD-2060H MMIC Millimeter Wave Doubler

Courtesy of Marki Microwave : Low-Loss 20 to 60 GHz Passive Doubler Requires Just +5dBm Drive!

Marki Microwave introduces an ultra-efficient broadband MMIC multiplier available in two unique drive level options. The MMD-2060L/H doubler spans an impressive 20 to 60 GHz of output bandwidth, features very low conversion loss and provides superior suppression with a typical 37dBc fundamental and 40dBc 3F suppression value. Based on your power requirements select either the MMD-2060L, which provides -6 dBm output power with a nominal +5dBm drive, or the MMD-2060H, which provides 0 dBm with +11dBm input. Ideal for a wide range of SATCOM, radar, 5G, and point-to-point applications, the MMD-2060L/H is available now in bare die or connectorized modules.

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Conversion Loss





MMD-2060L pdf 10 to 30 20 to 60 11 37 41
MMD-2060H pdf 10 to 30 20 to 60 10.5 38 39.5


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