New High-Power mm-Wave LO Driver Amplifier

Courtesy of Marki Microwave : New High-Power mm-Wave LO Driver Amplifier

High linearity broadband mm-wave mixers require high power broadband LO driver amplifiers, but these amplifiers are largely absent from the market at frequencies above 40 GHz. Finally, Marki offers a solution to this problem with the AMM-6702: a wideband 20-55 GHz  amplifier with over 25 dB gain and a strong, flat +22 dBm saturated output power. The AMM-6702 is the ideal LO driver amp for high linearity Marki Microwave mixers such as MM1-1850S and MM1-1240S, providing world-class efficiency and bandwidth for amplifiers in this frequency band. AMM-6702 is designed to provide a saturated output power up to +23 dBm with a low input power of +0 dBm while consuming as little as 570mW of DC power.  This GaAs pHEMT MMIC features integrated input and output blocking capacitors, eliminating the need for external bias tees.

The high dynamic range systems of the future need the best high power LO driver amps technology allows. Meeting the demand for these products with cutting edge design techniques is what Marki is all about.

Product Page Datasheet Frequency Band


Input Power for Saturation


Saturated Output Power


Small Signal Gain


AMM-6702  pdf 20 to 55 +0 to +5 +22 28





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