High-performance MMIC Line Now Up to 150 Solution- Includes Options for Space

Courtesy of Custom MMIC : High-performance MMIC Line Now Up to 150 Solution- Includes Options for Space

“We are excited to announce that our catalog of standardized GaAs and GaN designs has reached over 150 devices.”

“Recent product releases include: an ultra-wideband 0.5W distributed driver amplifier that operates from DC – 30 GHz with high linearity; a new digital attenuator family with options to 40 GHz, broadband switches covering DC-18 GHz, a 5-bit phase shifter, high IP3 mixers, low phase noise amplifiers (LPNAs), and an industry-leading 0.5 dB low noise amplifier (LNA).”

“As we continue to respond to customer requests to assist with improving noise performance and reducing bias control—and other unwanted signal chain circuitry—our library is growing rapidly,” said John Greichen, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We’re getting excellent response to our growing number of devices operated via positive bias, and our broadband solutions—particularly those offering positive gain slopes.”

We deliver many devices and their evaluation boards from stock and offers rapid and efficient space qualification on most of their models. Over a dozen models are currently qualified to Class K requirements. These can be viewed at: https://www.custommmic.com/space-qualified-mmics/.

All other newly released products can be viewed at https://www.custommmic.com/news/.

To review data on this growing family of high-performance MMICs, visit https://www.custommmic.com/search-by-band/.

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