Choose Wisely: Which Molded Power Inductor (XEL, XAL, or XFL) is Right for You?

Courtesy of Coilcraft : Molded Power Inductor

Coilcraft offers three popular styles of high-performance molded power inductors, designated XEL, XAL and XFL Series. They are mechanically rugged and magnetically shielded for use in high density circuits. Each style offers unique performance benefits.

XEL/XAL – High current & high frequency

  • Wide range of sizes and inductance values (up to size 1580 and 33 µH)
  • Low inductance values for high-frequency applications (as low as 0.072 µH)
  • Low AC losses at high frequency range (2 to 10 MHz)
  • Highest current handling
  • Soft saturation characteristic to withstand high current spikes
  • Very low DCR
  • No thermal aging issue and perfect for high temperature applications

XFL – Lowest losses

  • Lowest DCR
  • Lowest profile
  • Suitable for IoT / Wearables
  • Offers low inductance values for high frequency applications
  • No thermal aging issue

The following table demonstrates the differences in these series.

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View the XEL / XAL / XFL family comparison chart

L nom DCR typ Isat (30%)
XEL4020-222 2.2 µH 35.2 mOhms 5.9 A
XAL4020-222 2.2 µH 35.2 mOhms 5.6 A
XFL4020-222 2.2 µH 21.4 mOhms 3.7 A

The following curves, derived from the Coilcraft Core and Winding Loss Calculator, show that the new XEL has lower AC loss compared to the XAL. XFL has the lowest total power loss.

For high switch frequency power converters that are designed to withstand high peak current, XEL is the best choice.

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