EM Research ZFR Series – Small Frequency Synthesizer

Courtesy of EM Research : ZFR Series – Small Frequency Synthesizer

Small Step Programmable Frequency Synthesizer

  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Small Step Size
  • Fast-Switching
  • Low Phase Noise

Welcome to EM Research’s spotlight product, our exceptional ZFR programmable frequency synthesizer series. ZFR frequency synthesizers can be configured for fast-switching capable of 120µs switch speeds over 4 octaves of bandwidth. They can also be configured for a highly stable output power, ±0.2 dBm over temperature, frequencies up to 40 GHz, and step size down to 10 KHz. All with industry leading phase noise.

These high-performing synthesizers can be custom tailored to the frequency range and control interface required, so they excel in a wide range of applications from laboratory use to airborne electronics. Offered in a compact package, the ZFR is one of our most versatile products.

Product Overview:

The ZFR series is a line of cutting edge programmable frequency synthesizers, featuring multi-octave band widths, low phase noise, step sizes as low as 10 KHz, switch speeds as low as 125 µs, frequencies to 40 GHz and the option of a highly stable output power.

The ZFR is highly customizable. In addition to broadband, fast switching versions, it can also be configured for highly stable power output, ±0.2 ppm over temperature, at frequencies up to 40 GHz. Optional USB programming can be included in addition to high speed serial communication controls. ZFR units are available with a standalone internal reference, and can also be configured to switch seamlessly between an external reference and the internal reference.

The ZFR series can deliver 1.25 to 20 GHz in a remarkably small connectorized package, typically 2.5” x 4.5” x 0.6”. With high performance across the board and a uniquely versatile design, the ZFR series exemplifies EM Research capabilities.

Product Examples

An exemplary ZFR series synthesizer is the ZFR-20000-09, which features a frequency bandwidth of 4.0 GHz to 20 GHz. The step size is 10 MHz (available to 10 KHz), it accepts a 10 MHz external reference, and exhibits a switch speed of less than 150 µs. It comes in a compact 2.5” x 4.5” x 0.6” sized package, operates from a 5.0V supply, and is controlled by a high speed serial communication interface.

The ZFR-12750-06 is a Ku band synthesizer and offers both a highly stable output power and a USB interface, as well as wide bandwidth, and small step size. Also notable is the ZFR-30500-03, which outputs in Ka band from 28 to 30.5 GHz with an incredibly stable power output of ±0.2 dBm over temperature.

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