Taoglas DSRC V2V / V2X Antenna

Courtesy of Taoglas : DSRC V2V / V2X Antenna

The OMB.5900.B10F21 is a DSRC V2V / V2X Antenna. It is a fiberglass omnidirectional outdoor antenna designed to operate in the 5.9 GHz band. This antenna’s collinear dipole design allows it to radiate uniformly in the azimuth with a high gain (10dBi peak gain), providing coverage over long distances and minimizing the number of cells or nodes needed in a network.

The OMB.5900 is designed for DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications), the communications medium of choice for active safety V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle to Other) systems, primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications. DSRC supports high speed, low latency, and short-range V2V/V2X wireless communications.

The UV-resistant fiberglass housing makes the OMB.5900 more robust and safer than the traditional whip antenna and allows it to operate in a variety of harsh environments. It is also designed to withstand high wind load. The integrated aluminum mounting bracket is perfect for directly mounting the antenna onto a pole or a wall.

The connector is industry-standard N-type female. The connector can be customized subject to MOQ. Other frequencies and gains are available.

OMB.5900.B10F21 Barracuda 5.9GHz DSRC/C-V2X 10dBi Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna

Omnidirectional Radiation
Collinear Dipole Antenna
10dBi Peak Gain
Robust design for all weather operation
IP65 Waterproof
Length:550 mm; Ø24mm
Connector: N-type Female
Wall/Pole Mount Bracket Included
RoHS & REACH Compliant

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