New MMIC T3 Mixer Provides High Linearity With Expanded IF Capability

High Linearity Triple-Balanced MMIC Mixer for S, C, X-Band

The MT3L-0113HSM is a lower IF variant of our popular MT3H-0113HSM triple-balanced MMIC mixer. It offers similar linearity performance to our T3-07, T3-12, and MT3-0113CQG mixers with smaller size, better availability, and a lower price. Greater than +30dBm IIP3 can be achieved when paired with our ADM series of square-wave generating LO driver amplifiers. Sine-wave operation is also supported. RF and LO cover 1.5 to 13 GHz, and the IF is 0.25 to 5 GHz. With 40 dB of port-to-port isolation and over 60 dBc spurious suppression, this latest entry to the T3 product family is ideal for high performance radar, radio and test applications. MT3L-0113HSM is available in a surface-mount QFN or connectorized evaluation module.

Product Page Datasheet RF/LO




LO Drive


Conversion Loss







 MT3L-0113HSM pdf 1.5 to 13 0.25 to 5 +15 to +25 8.5 39 +31

The T3 Mixer Product Family

Our  T3 mixers is the most advanced mixer circuit available in the world. In addition to broadband overlapping LO, RF, and IF bands, it has the potential for extremely high linearity. T3 mixers are built in both hybrid and MMIC form. The hybrid construction allows for ultra-broadband coverage on all three ports (RF,LO, and IF), whereas the MMIC MT3 series offers the scalability and repeatability of a MMIC with the linear performance of the T3.  Click here for our full lineup of bare die, surface mount, and connectorized T3 mixers up to 40 GHz.

LO Drivers for T3 Mixers

The T3 mixer is a true-commutating mixer. This means it will provide increasing two-tone intermodulation suppression, input 1-dB compression, and spurious suppression (for most spurs) as the rise time of the LO signal is increased by either increasing sine wave LO drive or, for optimal results, using a square wave LO. The ADM series amplifiers were designed to provide strong odd (3rd and 5th) harmonics and are an ideal choice as a square wave LO generator for the T3 mixers.

T3 Mixer Primer

The Two-Tone-Terminator (T3) mixer is the most sophisticated mixer circuit on the market today and offers unparalleled performance when compared to all other mixer technologies. To learn the theory behind its operation and how this directly translates to improved P1dB, IP3 and spurious performance, download our T3 Primer.

Courtesy of Marki Microwave : New MMIC T3 Mixer Provides High Linearity With Expanded IF Capability

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