Marki Microwave MT3-0113SCQG MMIC High Dynamic Range Mixer

Marki Microwave MT3-0113SCQG MMIC High Dynamic Range Mixer

The MT3-0113SCQG is a triple balanced passive diode GaAs MMIC mixer offering high dynamic range, low conversion loss, and excellent repeatability. As with all T3 mixers, this mixer offers unparalleled nonlinear performance in terms of IIP3, P1dB, and spurious performance with a flexible LO drive requirement from +22 dBm to +30 dBm. The MT3-0113SCQG is available in a surface-mount outline, or in an SMA connectorized evaluation fixture. The MT3-0113SCQG is a superior alternative to Marki Microwave carrier and packaged T3 mixers, and is form-fit compatible with legacy T3’s in the CQ and CQG footprints.


  • Form-Fit Compatible with Legacy CQ and CQG T3 Mixers
  • Broadband, Overlapping RF, LO and IF
  • Suitable for Up or Down Conversion
  • Compatible with Sine or Square-Wave LO
  • Industry-Leading Spurious, IP3, and P1dB Performance
  • Recommended LO Buffer Amplifier Module: ADM3-0022PA
  • Application Note: T3 Mixer Primer

Courtesy of Marki Microwave

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