New Higher Linearity Versions of Marki Microwave IQ Mixers spanning 2 to 65 GHz

New Higher Linearity Versions of Marki Microwave IQ Mixers spanning 2 to 65 GHz

As with our industry-leading double and triple balanced MMIC mixers, in L, H, and S-diode options, each providing higher P1dB and IP3 with a corresponding higher LO drive for the ultimate in design flexibility. No matter which version you select you will get exceptional spurious performance, high isolations and image rejection, and wide multi-octave bandwidths on all ports. Today we’re introducing three new IQ mixers, each a variant of an existing product. The MMIQ-0218H offers an impressive 2 to 18 GHz RF/LO, DC to 3 GHz IF, IIP3 of +25dBm, and is also available in L-diode. The MMIQ-1040S has a 10 to 40 GHz bandwidth, DC to 12GHz IF, IIP3 of +27dBm, and is also offered in L-diode. The MMIQ-1865S is an 18 to 65 GHz mmwave IQ mixer with a wide DC to 23 GHz IF, IIP3 of +27dBm, and available in L-diode and H-diode as well. Each of these IQ mixers features high LO-RF isolation, such as the MMIQ-1865S with 50 dB isolation, enabling the use of a higher LO drive without penalty due to feedthrough. Each of these IQ mixers are available as a wire-bondable bare die and connectorized module.

MMIQ Mixers Need AMM, ADM, and APM Amplifiers for Best Performance

Achieving the highest possible linearity in frequency conversion requires substantial LO drive, which led to our design of the AMM-6702 LO amplifier available as bare diesurface mount, and connectorized module. This MMIC amplifier has a wide 20 to 55 GHz bandwidth, over 25 dB gain, and up to +23 dBm saturated output power with only 0 dBm input. Also available are our low phase noise APM series amplifiers and ADM distributed amplifiers which are ideal for driving our L and H-diode IQ mixers below 35 GHz, such as the MMIQ-0218H.

Product Page Datasheet RF/LO




LO Drive


Conversion Loss





Img Rej


 MMIQ-0218H pdf 2 to 18 DC to 3 +20 to +26 7.5 53 35
MMIQ-1040S pdf 10 to 40 DC to 12 +18 to +25 9 44 25
MMIQ-1865S pdf 18 to 65 DC to 23 +23 to +27 9 50 35


IQ, Image Reject, and Single Sideband Mixer Primer

Operation of IQ mixers and quadrature hybrid couplers are among the most difficult concepts for RF and Microwave engineers to understand. Combining these two unlocks wonderful application circuits including band shifters, single-sideband mixers and image reject mixers. These mixers provide advantages in dynamic range (improvements in linearity, reduction in noise) that are not widely recognized.

Following the wide success of our Mixers Basics Primer, Balun Basics Primer, and Power Divider & Directional Coupler Primer, the new IQ, Image Reject, and Single Sideband Mixer Primer from Marki seeks to educate RF and Microwave engineers in the theory, operation, and benefits of using these mixers in advanced system design.

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