Ten new products including our first low phase noise SMT amps!

Ten new products including our first low phase noise SMT amps!

Low Phase Noise 2-30GHz SMT Amplifiers Optimized for Marki Mixers

Concerned about additive phase noise? Looking to eliminate negative supply rails and power sequencing? Is board space a premium? Introducing Marki Microwave’s first low phase noise, positive-bias, no bias tee required, surface mount LO driver amplifiers featuring a wide 2 to 30GHz bandwidth! The APM-6848SM, a dual-stage design with 22dB of small-signal gain, provides a +20dBm typical saturated output power with an input power of only 0 to 5dBm. This is ideal for driving our L, H, and S-diode mixers directly from your VCO or synthesizer output. Also available is our new APM-6849SM, a single-stage design with 11dB of gain and +21dBm saturated output, and an impressive -170dBc/Hz phase noise at 10kHz offset. Careful consideration was made to power consumption, with APM-6848SM drawing only 47mA at 5V and APM-6849SM drawing just 23mA, making these some of the most power efficient wideband low phase noise amplifiers on the market. Both amplifiers are available in surface-mount QFN packages and connectorized evaluation modules.

Product Page Datasheet Frequency Band


Input Power for Saturation


Saturated Output Power




APM-6848SM pdf 2 to 30 +0 to +5 +20 22
APM-6849SM pdf 2 to 30 +10 to +15 +21 11





  • Industry’s First SMT MMIC balun to span 2 to 20 GHzMBAL-0220SM
  • 2-20 GHz, +/- 0.25 dB, +/- 3°, 4mm QFN



  • 67GHz SMT? Yes!! Another industry first.  
  • 25-67 GHz RF/LO, DC-30 GHz IF, +13dBm drive, 3mm QFN



  • New Improved packaging with hard board, filled vias and vent holes 
  • .02-10 GHz, 0.5 A, 30V DC, 0.5dB loss, SMT



  • Years in the making. Industry-first 2-18GHz MMIC IQ mixer.
  • 2-18 GHz RF, DC-3 GHz IF, 58dB L-R isolation, 6mm QFN



  • Amazing 2-22GHz BW with only 6dB loss thru X-Band
  • 2-22 GHz RF, DC-3.5 GHz IF, +20dBm IIP3, 3mm QFN



  • We’ve extended our high isolation SMT power divider line to 12GHz
  • 0.01-12 GHz, 30dB isolation, +/- 1dB amplitude balance



  • Industry’s first 50GHz SMT multi-octave doubler
  • 20-50 GHz Output, 35dBc 1F suppression, +7dBm drive, 3mm QFN 



  • Connectorized amp designed to drive our highest linearity mixers
  • 0.01-35 GHz, 23dB gain, 23dBm Psat

Modular Building Block System Feature

Attention X-Microwave Users: Marki Microwave has a large library of products available in x-blocks, you may find them here. If you’d like to see other parts in x-block, please be in contact for future developments.

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