21 to 56 GHz x4 Active Multiplier Simplifies mmWave Signal Generation

21 to 56 GHz x4 Active Multiplier Simplifies mmWave Signal Generation

The new mmwave AQA-2156 active quadrupler will frequency extend your synthesizer up to 56GHz with high output power and superior harmonic suppression. Requiring only 0dBm input power and an input frequency range of 5.25 to 14GHz, this power-efficient MMIC multiplier provides greater than +20dBm 4F output power over most of the 21 to 56GHz output range, making this an ideal driver for Marki Microwave H and S diode mixers. AQA-2156 is a RoHS connectorized module designed for lab use, test and measurement, and end applications such as SATCOM, radar & 5G.

Product Page Datasheet Input
Input Level [dBm] Output Level [dBm] Bias
AQA-2156 pdf 5.25 to 14 21 to 56 -2 to +6 +21 +5V/-5V

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