Qorvo ACT86600 Hybrid PMIC for Enterprise Storage and Computing

Qorvo ACT86600 Hybrid PMIC for Enterprise Storage and Computing

Key Features

  • PMIC Containing 4X 12V High Current Regulators, 1X HV Buck-Boost Regulator and 1X 5.0V Mini-Buck Regulator
  • Multi-Phase option for Buck 1-2 and Buck 3-4 that can be combined for high output current up to 12A and 8A respectively
  • High efficiency Buck regulators with programmable output voltage. Output voltage range from 0.6 – 5.2V
  • Programmable switching frequency to optimize inductor size, dynamic transient response or regulator efficiency
  • Integrated System functions such as I2C Controlled parameters like output voltage, current, sequencing, monitoring, interrupts etc.

The ACT86600 PMIC is an integrated ActivePMU power management unit. It is highly flexible and can be reconfigured via I2C for multiple applications without the need for PCB changes. The low external component count and high configurability significantly speeds time to market. Examples of configurable options include output voltage, startup time, slew rate, system level sequencing, switching frequency, sleep modes, operating modes etc.

The core of the device includes 4 high power DC/DC step down converters, a lower power step down converter and a buck-boost converter. Each regulator can be configured for a wide range of output voltages through the I2C interface.

The ACT86600 is a high voltage PMIC that is optimized for single stage voltage conversion from 12V input power sources. It operates with a 2.7V to 14.4V input voltage and can withstand 16V input voltage surges. The four high current regulators can be configured as single phase outputs, or can be paralleled for up to 12A dual phase with outputs.

The ACT86600 PMIC is available in a 6 x 6 mm 48 pin QFN package.

Application Processors General purpose
Battery Charger No
Buck Converters 5
Bucks Configurable as Load Switch 1
Boost Converters 0
Buck-Boost Converters 1
LDO Regulators 0
LDOs Configurable as Load Switch 0
Interface I2C
Package Type QFN, 48-pin
Package(mm) 6.0 x 6.0

Data Sheets

Product Data Sheet
Rev 1.0 – 11/22/2019

Courtesy of Qorvo

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