Taoglas Product Spotlight - July 2020

Taoglas Product Spotlight – July 2020

Taoglas Product Spotlight – July 2020

Taoglas July 2020 Product Spotlight that showcases some of their recent 5G/4G and GNSS product launches for applications requiring robust, high-performance antennas across the transportation, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries. By chosing Taoglas, we help you get your IoT projects to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Industry-first, ruggedized high precision positioning UWB Antenna covering 3.5 – 8GHz


  • A unique omni-directional terminal mount antenna covering worldwide UWB bands between 3.5 and 8GHz with best-in-class efficiency.
  • The IP67 rated enclosure, and N-Type connector make the TU.60 a robust solution for demanding applications.

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Best-in-class high precision GPS L1 and L2, dual-pin feed stacked patch antenna for precision positioning

GPDF357 Series

  • Two options, for different sized ground planes are available, both with dual pin feeds to ensure a low axial ratio, excellent gain and good radiation pattern stability leading to a fast, reliable first time to fix.
  • The GPDF357 is perfect for applications such as high accuracy positioning and navigation systems used in UAVs, robotics, autonomous vehicles, transportation, telematics, precision agriculture and RTK systems.

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Industry-first 17-in-1 panel antenna with GNSS, 5G/4G, and Wi-Fi 6 for mission-critical applications

MA9917 Guardian X

  • The latest edition to our Guardian X series is the industry first, 17-in-1 Wall Mount Combination Antenna comprising of Active GNSS, 8*5G/4G MIMO covering 600-6000MHz, and 8* Wi-Fi 6 MIMO, covering 2.4/5.1-7.125GHz, as standard.
  • Low-profile, heavy-duty, IP67 rated, wall or adhesive mount enclosure.
  • Customized variants for routers such as the Sierra Wireless MG90 or Cradlepoint IBR1700 are available and allow for reliable connectivity in the most demanding of public safety, commercial transportation, telematics and near-shore vessel applications.

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Taoglas Webinar Series

Optimizing Sub-6GHz 5G RF and Antenna Performance

August 12, 2020 8:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) / 4:00 PM GMT+1

As demand continues growing for faster speeds and expanded service, 5G Sub-6GHz applications are becoming increasingly relevant. This webinar will discuss how implementing antenna metrics and design techniques can improve the overall RF system performance.

In addition, this presentation will cover:

  • The sub-6GHz frequency bands for cellular, M2M, and IoT devices
  • The complexities of antenna tuning for 5G applications
  • How beam steering can benefit communication system performance

NOTE: This webinar is geared toward engineers who are involved in developing RF or other wireless products.

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