PA-2750-CO SP15T RF Switch by KRATOS General Microwave

PA-2750-CO SP15T RF Switch by KRATOS General Microwave

PA-2750-CO SP15T RF Switch by KRATOS General Microwave

The PA-2750-CO from Kratos is an Absorptive SP15T Switch that operates from 5.3 to 7.5 GHz. It can handle up to 200 mW of CW input power, has an insertion loss of less than 4.5 dB, and provides isolation of more than 50 dB. The switch has an ON/OFF time of less than 100 sec with a switching speed of 0.1 us. It features a 4-bit internal decoder and has an integrated driver which requires +5 V and -12 V power supplies. The proper currents required to switch the ports ON or OFF are provided by the driver, which is controlled by external logic signals. The PA-2750-CO is available in a hermetically sealed module that measures 75.0 x 75.0 x 12.7 mm with SMA-female connectors.

Product Details

  • Part Number: PA-2750-CO SP15T
  • Manufacturer: KRATOS General Microwave
  • Description: Non-Reflective SP15T Switch from 5.3 to 7.5 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type: Solid State
  • Configuration: SP15T
  • Termination: Absorptive
  • Frequency: 5.3 to 7.5 GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 4.5 dB
  • Isolation: 50 dB
  • Peak Power: 200 mW (Peak)
  • Supply Voltage: -12 to 5 V
  • Supply Current: 140 to 600 mA
  • Control: 4 Bit Decoder
  • VSWR: 1.80:1
  • Package Type: Module with Connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 70 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature: -55 to 125 Degree C
  • Grade: Military
  • Note: Switching Time : 100 nsec, Switching Rate : 0.1 MHz

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