Coilcraft ZXC Series

Coilcraft ZXC Series

Z-Axis RFID Transponder Coils

Our ZXC Series of compact z-axis coil provides a 3rd dimension ID with other X-Y RFID coils.  Values range from 2.48 mH to 14.8 mH.  Inductance is specified at 125 kHz and all come in a ±5% tolerance.

  • Provides 3rd dimension ID, designed to be used with any of our other RFID coils
  • Only 10 mm square and 2.2 mm high
  • Four pads for excellent board adhesion

Core material Ferrite

Terminations RoHS matte tin over nickel over phos bronze. Other terminations available at additional cost.

Weight 0.53–0.56 g

Ambient temperature –40°C to +125°C

Storage temperature Component: –40°C to +125°C.

Tape and reel packaging: –40°C to +80°C

Resistance to soldering heat Max three 40 second reflows at +260°C, parts cooled to room temperature between cycles

Temperature Coefficient of Inductance (TCL) +25 to +200 ppm/°C

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1 (unlimited floor life at <30°C / 85% relative humidity)

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 26,315,789 hours

Packaging 500/7″ reel; 2000/13″ reel Plastic tape: 24 mm wide, 0.3 mm thick, 12 mm pocket spacing, 2.24 mm pocket depth

PCB washing Tested with pure water or alcohol only. For other solvents, see Doc787_PCB_Washing.pdf

Courtesy of Coilcraft

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