See the latest products and reference designs from Menlo Micro.

See the latest products and reference designs from Menlo Micro.

See the latest products and reference designs from Menlo Micro.

Menlo Micro is pleased to introduce the Switched on Circuits newsletter, where you can find our latest product developments, solutions and concept designs using our industry-leading Ideal Switch™ technology.

Whether you are looking to build DC, AC, or RF-based circuits, Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch technology offers ultra-high levels of reliability, with over 3 billion On/Off switching cycles, and superior levels of electrical and thermal performance.

See our latest solutions designed by our expert engineers that address multiple RF and power systems applications


Applying a new concept in frequency selectivity for mission-critical aerospace and defense applications…

MM6000 Series Reconfigurable HF to UHF Band RF Filters

  • Low insertion loss and high peak power handling capability
  • Designs result in enhanced performance over temperature and improved thermal management compared with traditional solid-state switches
  • Considerable 90% size reduction compared with existing switched filter bank designs

> Learn more about the MM6000 filters, here.

> Microwave Journal profiles the MM6000 filter in the September edition of their Aerospace & Defense Brief, here.

> Watch the session on high power filters from the Menlo Micro Switch Summit:


See how complex signal routing requirements can be streamlined for test and measurement systems…

MM4000 Series DC and RF Coax Switches and Multiplexers

  • Designs achieve low channel losses and high levels of signal linearity
  • Capability from 26 GHz down to DC operation
  • Small switch form factors of 2.5mm x 2.5mm allow for much higher density switching matrices and systems over traditional EM relay designs

> Learn more about the MM4000 switch solutions, here.

> Read Evaluation Engineering’s article on how Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switches are used in high-density switch matrices, here.

> Watch the sessions on the RF switch multiplexer design: and RF Coax SPDT switch: from the Menlo Micro Switch Summit.


Learn about how an ultra-high linearity differential delay shifter is utilized in a 3.5 GHz beam-steering array for 5G infrastructure antennas… 

MM6105 3.5 GHz Delay Shifter

  • Low insertion loss true differential delay shifter for 5G Analog and hybrid beam-forming antenna systems
  • Ultra high IP3 performance of >95 dBm
  • Scalable delay lines for additional state and frequency coverage

> Learn more about the MM6105 differential delay shifter, here.

> Read Microwave Journal’s article on our MEMS Switch-Based Differential Delay Shifter for a 3.5 GHz Beam Steering Antenna, here.

> Watch the sessions on the MM6105 designed into a 3.5 GHz CBRS beam steering antenna: .


A new and disruptive concept in smart power relays that promises to transform the electrical grid and industrial IoT…

MM9105 SPST Power Relay Prototype

  • Versions supporting 277 VAC/10 Amps and 60 VDC/10 Amps
  • Firmware adjustable Over Current Protection (OCP) circuitry
  • Typical 50 milliOhms on resistance

> Learn more about the MM9105 SPST Power Relay Prototype, here.

> Watch the Smart Power Product session from the Menlo Switch Summit:

Courtesy of Menlo Micro

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