Discover RAKwireless WisBlock modules

Discover RAKwireless WisBlock modules

Say hello to the New Members of the WisBlock Family!

The new WisBlock line includes a set of accelerometers, VOC sensor, Coulomb counter, waterproof enclosures, and base boards with modular power options to help you step up and create a new WisBlock experience.

What’s New, WisBlock?

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WisBlock Base with Flexible Power Blocks/Modules

Now users can choose how they want to power their WisBlock prototypes! The new generation of WisBlock Base boards allows the users to select from 6 different power supplies (choices include USB-C, rechargeable battery, non-rechargeable battery, solar power, and 5-24 V DC) to charge up their solution.

They can mix and match 3 different sizes of base boards to 4 different power modules with the addition of our WisBlock POE Power Module. It’s #PowerMadeModular.

Note: Power supply modules are sold separately.

New Unify Enclosure IP65

The new Unify Enclosure is here! It’s IP65 rated and fire-retardant, offering multiple mounting options and tailored for the WisBlock base boards and modules. The Unify Enclosure helps protect their WisBlock solutions in style with an option to customize them with no MOQ requirement.  Choose from two different sizes and colors.

New Sensor Modules

We’ve got new sensors too – including accelerometers, a Coulomb counter, and an air quality sensor. It’s time to start a new prototype or improve our user’s existing solutions! Here’s what they can expect from our new sensors:

New Accelerometer Sensors (6-axis and 9-axis) 

Get readings on sensitivity, measurement range, power consumption, and choose between 2 sets of axes to fit your requirements.

6-axis Accelerometer Sensor TDK InvenSense IIM-42652 | RAK12033

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9-axis Accelerometer Sensor Bosch BMX160 | RAK12034

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New Air Quality, Accelerometer and Coulomb Sensors

New VOC Sensor Sensirion SGP40 | RAK12047

Measure Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) with this indoor air quality sensor based on the Sensirion SGP40 for VOC measurements.

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New Coulomb Sensor Analog Devices LTC2941 | RAK16002

Accurately determine the state of charge of your WIsBlock device with this Coulomb counter based on Analog Devices LTC2941.

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Courtesy of RAKwireless

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