Ubuntu Update Expands Range of LTPP3(G2) Applications

Ubuntu Update Expands Range of LTPP3(G2) Applications

Ubuntu Update Expands Range of LTPP3(G2) Applications

This month, we present you with the latest version of Tibbo’s Ubuntu-based distribution for the Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP3), Gen. 2. This release introduces several improvements to enable an even wider range of applications and simplify the administration of the LTPP3(G2). Meanwhile, the LTPP3(G2) itself has also received an upgrade, with the latest revision increasing the eMMC storage capacity to 8GB.

Version 0.5.0 of our distro incorporates support for RS485 serial communications in Tibbo’s PinMux driver. You can configure this functionality via native C code or a Python library we’ve prepared for your convenience. To highlight this newly added capability, we’ve created a sample project that illustrates how easy it is to poll devices such as our RS485 Modbus Sensors.

V0.5.0 also implements support for up to eight user-configurable interrupts, vastly widening the range of possible applications for your projects. Dynamically enable, monitor, and release these interrupts as you need. Our code example demonstrates how simple it is to implement this functionality on the LTPP3(G2).

We’ve also added LED patterns to provide visual feedback during firmware updates. The green and red status LEDs, as well as the blue LED bar, now provide helpful indicators regarding the status of upgrades. Removing the need to monitor the update process via the serial terminal simplifies the maintenance of headless installations.

Finally, this release includes the driver for the Plus1 CPU’s one-time programmable (OTP) memory, allowing your applications to read this special memory.

The latest version of our Ubuntu-based distribution is available on our website. Need to customize your deployment or start from an earlier version? Use our Docker container and build tools to tailor an image specifically for your needs — here’s a tutorial video to help you get started.

P.S. Press and hold the MD button for 1 second after the V0.5.0 update is complete (before rebooting) for a special demonstration via the buzzer.

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