U-Blox M8P Integration done! via Drotek Electronics

Article courtesy of drotek.com



“A lot of actors of the L1 low-cost RTK market have been emerging these months. U-Blox plays a relevant role in the miniaturization of GNSS chips for mass-market. Drotek and U-Blox are collaborating in order to produce the most reduced RTK board”.

“Market has shown that there are clearly two types of customers :

  • the ones  who like plug-and-play boards, but who still like to dig into hardware/software, eager to collaborate on any aspect. This is why we have created SMARTNAV RTK (http://drotek.io/1PodT25)

  • the others who only want simple-approach and reduced-form factor products without paying any attention to technical details. This why we are integrating M8P on our boards”.

“For the first tests we have used our XXL board and placed M8P on it. (http://drotek.io/1SQ5hCo) This version of M8P is capable of handling both base and rover states”.




“So we configured base in order to deliver RTCM correction messages over a 433 MHz radio link and rover to receive them”. These are the first results:


“We got to “float” position without any problem, and deviation map showed great results in this first short test!

Drotek is ready to manufacture, waiting for U-Blox first delivery! At this stage we still do not have pricing information.

Stay tuned on drotek.com!”


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