High-inductance shielded power inductors minimise audible buzz

High-inductance shielded power inductors minimise audible buzz

High temperature power inductors from Coilcraft are available with inductance values from 22 to 47 microH and current ratings up to 5.5A and low direct current resistance (DCR).

The high temperature power Inductors in the XAL7050 series measure 7.2 x 7.5 x 5.0mm. They have a rugged, composite construction that provides magnetic shielding and minimises audible buzzing, says Coilcraft. The XAL7050 inductors are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 standards, operating between −40 to +125 degrees C, and exhibit no thermal aging issues, for automotive and other harsh environments. Soft saturation characteristics allow the XAL7050 to withstand high current spikes, adds Coilcraft.

The XAL7050 features RoHS-compliant tin-silver (96.5/3.5) over copper terminations and offers a maximum reflow temperature of 260 degrees C. COTS Plus tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations are also available.

Free evaluation samples and complete technical specifications for the XAL7050 are available online.

Parts are available from stock.

For lower inductance values, Coilcraft offers a lower-profile companion, the XAL7030, with an identical footprint and inductance range of 0.16 to 10 microH.

Coilcraft is headquartered outside of Chicago in Cary, Illinois, USA. It supplies magnetic components including high performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics and filters. In addition to a large selection of standard components, Coilcraft also designs and builds custom magnetics to fit a customer’s exact electrical requirements.


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