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Talk to the Cloud

Talk to the Cloud

New TiOS Release Implements TLS1.2 on Select Tibbo Devices

Tibbo’s proud to announce the addition of Transport Layer Security (TLS) to select programmable Tibbo devices. Starting with TiOS release V4, the WM2000, EM2000, EM2001, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2) support encrypted outgoing TCP connections.

The WM2000 programmable wireless IIoT module implements TLS1.2 with the RSA-2048 cryptosystem. Supporting this industry-standard encryption enables the WM2000’s communications with popular cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud.

Further, support for TLS1.2 with the ECDSA cryptosystem using the secp384r1 elliptic curve profile has been added to the TPP2(G2), TPP3(G2), EM2000, and EM2001. Upgrade your firmware to enable TLS on these platforms.

Enabling TLS is quick and easy with the newly published sock. (socket) object extensions — see our comprehensive online documentation for detailed info on how to do this. In addition, our CODY project code generator has also been updated to simplify the creation of applications that use secure sockets.

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