Coilcraft 5315TC Series

Coilcraft 5315TC Series

Coilcraft 5315TC Series

RFID Transponder Coils for Harsh Environments

Coilcraft’s 5315TC Series of RFID transponder coils was developed for tire pressure monitoring systems and designed to handle harsh mechanical environments.

The 5315TC is Coilcraft’s most rugged and lowest cost antenna coil designed for RFID applications at 125 kHz.The wrap-around terminals have large mounting surfaces to ensure excellent board adhesion. The coil is wound on a plastic base, providing great durability and allowing this part to withstand harsh mechanical shock. Their robust construction and 125°C rating make these parts suitable for use in the most severe environments.

They were developed for automotive applications, including tire pressure monitoring systems. In addition to the standard models shown, Coilcraft can design transponder coils to operate at other frequencies. Coilcraft Designer’s Kit C369 contains four samples each of the standard parts shown. T

  • For RFID applications at 125kHz
  • Designed to withstand harsh mechanical shock and high temperatures; developed for tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Tight tolerance:  ±2%
  • Large wrap-around terminals for excellent board adhesion
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C)

Courtesy of Coilcraft

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