IO Ninja Adds Flexibility With Capabilities and Subscriptions

IO Ninja Adds Flexibility With Capabilities and Subscriptions

IO Ninja Adds Flexibility With Capabilities and Subscriptions

Are you using IO Ninja yet? If not, the release of version 5.0 is a perfect opportunity for you and your team to join the scores of professionals who have already adopted IO Ninja at Facebook, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and many other world-renowned companies.

IO Ninja is Tibbo’s all-in-one terminal emulator, sniffer, and protocol analyzer. It is indispensable for debugging any I/O-related task and a must-have tool for network security experts, system administrators, and developers.

IO Ninja is completely modular — it features plug-ins for nearly any transport or protocol you might need to work with, including RS232, RS485, I²C, SPI, Modbus, TCP, UDP, SSL, SSH, WebSockets (new in version 5.0), and many others. It is also scriptable, allowing you to generate packets programmatically, react to incoming packets and other I/O events automatically, as well as create custom protocol analyzers.

Version 5.0 of IO Ninja introduces a new accountbased licensing model. Instead of buying a costly, all-in-one package, this model allows you to purchase only the IO Ninja capabilities you need. Individual capabilities are very affordable — most are priced between US$10 and US$30.

Don’t want to bother with buying individual capabilities? We offer subscriptions that enable everything for as little as US$5 per month. Subscriptions are price-locked — as long as you’re a subscriber, the price will remain the same even as we add more features and raise it for new users. You can also create a workgroup account to conveniently share capabilities and subscriptions among your colleagues!

Tibbo also offer three affordable hardware sniffers — called “taps” — for the real-time monitoring of SerialI²C/SPI, and Ethernet communications.

IO Ninja taps are compact USB-powered devices. Each tap is paired with a dedicated IO Ninja plug-in. Plug-ins for IO Ninja taps do not require any additional paid capabilities or subscriptions, meaning that you can freely share them with your team.

For a limited time, we’re offering a discounted combo containing all three taps. This special deal saves you US$170 — so act fast!

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Courtesy of Tibbo Technology

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