CLTE-MW Laminate by Rogers Corporation via everything RF

CLTE-MW Laminate by Rogers Corporation

CLTE-MW Laminate by Rogers Corporation The CLTE-MW from Rogers Corporation are ceramic filled, woven glass reinforced PTFE composites for 5G and Millimeter Wave Applications up to 40 GHz. These laminates are reinforced with spread glass, which minimize the high frequency glass weave effects on electromagnetic wave propagation. Their woven glass reinforcement also provides excellent dimensional stability. The...
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Rogers Introduces High Performance Laminates

Rogers Introduces High Performance Laminates for 5G Active Antenna Arrays

Rogers Introduces High Performance Laminates for 5G Active Antenna Arrays Rogers Corporation has introduced UL 94 V-0 antenna-grade laminates manufactured with standard profile electrode posited copper foil to meet present and future performance requirements in active antenna arrays and small cells, specifically for IoT and 5G systems. With the option of multiple copper foil offerings, design...
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Rogers Corporation RO3000® Laminates

Courtesy of Rogers Corporation RO3000® Laminates  View more here: RO3000® high frequency circuit materials are ceramic-filled PTFE composites intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications. This family of products was designed to offer exceptional electrical and mechanical stability. RO3000 series laminates are circuit materials with mechanical properties that are consistent regardless of the…

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RO4835 Laminate by Rogers Corporation

Courtesy of Rogers Corporation The RO4835 laminates from Rogers Corporation are high frequency circuit materials that operate up to 40 GHz. They provide 10x more resistance to oxidation than standard RF thermoset materials. The dielectric constant of RO4835 is 3.48 with a dissipation factor of  0.0037 (measured at 10 GHz). These laminates utilize RoHS compliant flame-retardant…

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5G Wireless Technology: Paving the Road to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Courtesy of Rogers Corporation Blog in Advanced Connectivity Solutions, by sharilee You think the pace of technology innovation is fast now, wait til you see what’s going to happen with 5G wireless. 5G will drive an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of intelligent, fully connected sensors and devices, capable of improving economies small and large, and further blurring geographical…

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RO3203 Laminate by Rogers Corporation

Courtesy of The RO3203 from Rogers Corporation are ceramic-filled laminates reinforced with woven fiberglass. The dielectric constant of RO3203 high frequency circuit materials is 3.02 with a dissipation factor of  0.0016 up to frequencies as high as 40 GHz. RO3200 series laminates are manufactured under an ISO 9002 certified quality system. These laminates are…

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PCB Laminates: Discovering Dielectric Constant (Dk)

This post authored by John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager, and team originally appeared on the ROG Blog hosted by Microwave Journal. Dielectric constant (Dk) is one of the most important of circuit material parameters and a starting point for circuit designers. The dimensions of high-frequency circuit structures, including different types of transmission lines and the spacing between lines for proper…

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Rogers Corporation

For Millimeter-Wave Performance, Thinner Materials are Often Better

Thin can be a good thing for high-frequency circuit laminate materials. As this ROG Blog detailed some years ago (see “Thinner Materials Help Target Higher Frequencies,”, thinner printed-circuit-board (PCB) laminates offer many electrical benefits as well as mechanical advantages compared to thicker circuit materials, especially at higher frequencies reaching into millimeter-wave bands. For applications where…

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